Contributing to a Cleaner Future

We are committed to reducing environmental impacts by applying technologies to increase efficiencies, reduce emissions, eliminate tailings ponds and freshwater consumption.

Direct Lithium Extraction delivers improved social and environmental license

Environmentally Friendly

  • Much lower environmental impact (less land disturbance, minimal water consumption and emissions, no tailings) compared to solar evaporation ponds and conventional hardrock mining
  • Shallow depth with thick reservoir minimizes energy and environmental footprint to access sufficient brine volumes

Social Licence

  • Full carbon footprint of energy from batteries versus traditional energy sources of supply still being assessed but lithium from brine has potential to dramatically reduce carbon footprint for battery manufacturing as compared to alternative sources of battery metals
  • This process/source speaks directly to global movement
  • using modular DLE plants minimizes capital costs, reduces permitting risks and shortens construction timeline. Also faster production with higher recoveries compared to solar evaporation ponds. World gets more for less!


  • Canada’s reputation and expertise is being an ethical and environmentally conscious energy producer can extend into the lithium from brine industry.
  • Canada’s federal and provincial energy regulators have done an excellent job of balancing often competing demands. Results in an efficient and responsible industry – who better than Canada to be part of the global movement?