The Lithium Opportunity

Strong demand growth is expected from EV sales, renewable energy projects and battery capacity growth.

  • Lithium pricing is set to increase as demand is expected to outstrip supply

  • The thick Devonian age carbonate sequences in Western Canada’s sedimentary basins create an environment for the concentration of lithium within brines

  • With the global movement to cleaner energy and a reduction on the reliance of fossil fuels, battery power becomes a key component of energy transition

Balancing Battery Supply Chain to North America

US & Canada, both in public and private sectors, looking to materially expand battery industry

  • Our vision anticipates providing feedstock to manufacturers in the lithium battery supply chain (ie. anode/cathode manufacturer, ultimate customer of batteries such as an auto manufacturer or potentially to companies with lower cost of capital, trading platform, etc)
  • GLC core area offers ample logistic solutions to transport feedstock to virtually any location in North America  (easy access via rail, major highways, etc.)
  • North American critical mineral feedstock providers benefit from strategic cost advantage to alternative global sources